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About me
I´m an award winning Norwegian video director & content creator. I make cool stuff to promote artist's and companies' cool stuff. 

I produce and edit lyric videos for a great range of artists and I've delivered to major labels such as Universal Music, Sony and Warner. In my background as a cameraman and DOP I've worked with artists such as Elton John, John Fogerty & Tom Jones. I have directed several commercials airing on national television in Norway and edited the national news for the largest commercial broadcaster. I was heavily involved with the HMMA (Hollywood Music In Media Awards) winning project called Windows by Ronny Morris, directing both videos for the original song. I've shot and directed videos all over Norway as well as in the US and Australia. I have also worked as an assistant director on a full-length feature.

My videos are probably most known for creative and craftsy edits. I also love to work with layers, both visually and with message and story.

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